Step by step guide to install Golive Cloud on your Jira Cloud.

Before you start

You need:
To install Golive on Jira Server or Data Center, click here.


STEP 1 Log into your Jira site as an admin
STEP 2 Click the admin drop-down and choose Apps
STEP 3 Locate Golive | Environment Management Hub via search and click on it
STEP 4 Click Try it free button and then Start free trial button
STEP 5 After less than a minute, you should get the following dialog on the top right corner of your Jira window
DONE Click on Get Started link and move to the Setup a Jira Project section
In order for the Golive Timelines drag-and-drop to work correctly, Golive needs to know the Jira date format settings of your Jira instance. Make sure to configure the Golive date format.

(Optional) Delegate Golive Setup to non Jira Administrators

As Jira Administrator, you can delegate the setup of Golive to non Jira Administrators.
STEP 1 Select Apps > Golive in the Jira top menu
STEP 2 Select Permissions in the View Settings menu
Permissions in the View Settings Menu
STEP 3 Click on Add Role at the bottom of the Global Permissions list of roles
STEP 4 Choose a name for your role, for instance “Golive Administrator”
STEP 5 Add the Apwide Administrator permission in the Permissions picker
STEP 6 Select Jira users or users groups that should be granted with that role
Create a new role and define your Apwide Administrators
DONE These users are now autonomous to setup Apwide Golive! They can Setup their first Jira Project
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