Step by step guide to install Golive.

Before you start

You need:

To install Golive on Jira Server or Data Center:


STEP 1 Log into your Jira site as an admin

STEP 2 Click the admin drop-down and choose Apps


STEP 3 Locate Golive | Environment Management Hub via search and click on it

STEP 4 Click Try it free button and then Start free trial button

STEP 5 After less than a minute, you should get the following dialog on the top right corner of your Jira window

DONE Click on Get Started link and move to the Setup a Jira Project section

(Optional) Delegate Golive Setup to non Jira Administrators

As Jira Administrator, you can delegate the setup of Golive to non Jira Administrators.

STEP 1 Select Apps > Golive in the Jira top menu

STEP 2 Select Permissions in the View Settings menu

STEP 3 Click on Add Role at the bottom of the Global Permissions list of roles

STEP 4 Choose a name for your role, for instance “Golive Administrator”

STEP 5 Add the Apwide Administrator permission in the Permissions picker

STEP 6 Select Jira users or users groups that should be granted with that role

DONE These users are now autonomous to setup Apwide Golive! They can Setup their first Jira Project