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Highlights and notes of latest Releases

Apr 24, 2021 (8.5)

Timeline Improvements

  • New timeline layout and time navigator

  • Live preview of the timeline when changing Display and Date Range settings

  • Events keep now the same vertical position (relatively to other events) when navigating a timeline

  • More intuitive way to compute date and durations (ex: an event starting and finishing on the same day without specifying time information have now a duration of 1 day)

  • Warn user after creation of an event that is hidden by current filter

  • New options in Timeline gadgets:

    • hide top bar to maximise visible timeline area

    • Event quick filter (if top bar is not hidden)

  • Edit Issue events without having to open a new tabs/pages

Bugs fixed

  • "Group events of this calendar on the same row" now takes effect without having to reload the timeline

  • Events quick filter is now applied to hidden events

  • Dates of Issue and Version events are now displayed using the timezone of the connected Jira user

  • Sort Applications by name in Environment Matrix views

New Timeline Layout & Time Navigator

  • Gain space on top of the timeline for the Event Filter

  • Access to timeline settings in 1 click

  • All navigation button are now grouped at bottom right of your timelines

Date Mode Global Settings

You can now change the way your dates are interpreted by the timeline. With the new date mode, an Event starting and finishing on the same date will have a duration of 1 day.

Learn how to change current date mode settings here

Improved Timeline Gadget

  • Compact and powerful Time Navigator

  • New option to hide the top bar and maximise vertical space for timeline

  • Event free text filter to quickly fin relevant events (if top bar displayed)

With top bar
Without top bar

Mar 23, 2021 (8.4)

Changes Summary

  • New Swimlanes Features & UI

  • Customize Project & Global Views

  • Events Quick Filter

  • Performance improvements (Timeline & Environments pages)

  • iCal exports

New Swimlanes Features & UI

Swimlane UI has been completely revamped and improved:

  • Inline edition of Swimlanes with drag and drop support

  • Save collapsed/expanded state of nesting swimlanes

  • Expand/collapse all swimlanes

  • Display number of nested swimlanes when collapsed

  • Improved Labels of Environment nested swimlanes

Learn more about Swimlanes

Customize Project & Global Views

You can now customize the Global Views and the Project Views for each of your Jira project:

Learn more about customization of Global & Project Views

Event Quick Filter

A long awaited feature, you will love it!