Golive is shipped with many Gadgets that you can use in Jira Dashboards and in Confluence pages.

Environments Matrix Gadget

The Matrix Gadget shows Environments information using a Two Dimensional table:

‌Select the fields used for:

  • rows (Row Field)

  • columns (Column Field)

  • values to display inside the matrix (Label Field)

You can optionally link the matrix gadget to existing views saved in Search Environments.

Environments Gadget

Display you environments and their attributes in a classical table layout:

Customize the search filter, the displayed columns and their default sorting from its linked List View. Click on column's title to change default sorting.

Timeline Gadget

Thanks to the Timeline Gadget, you can display Golive Timelines in your Jira dashboards:

Check the Timelines documentation page.

Statistics Gadget

Environment Custom Fields can be used in all standard Jira Statistics Gadgets to build Jira Dashboards:

Golive Gadgets in Jira

These Gadgets will be immediately available for your Jira Dashboards after installation of Golive:

Golive Gadgets in Confluence

You can use Golive Gadgets in your Confluence pages. You have to perform a few additional steps as described in the following Atlassian documentation: